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Stay longer – Go deeper – Take your technical diving courses in Malta! Technical diving is any dive which is beyond recreational limits. Therefore, they aren’t necessarily very deep since you can easily reach the no decompression limits on a 30m dive. So if you just want to have a better look at your favourite wrecks, that is a start! Then the limit is the bottom of the ocean 🙂 We will help you to find out which course fits you best.

This field in diving is getting more and more popular. Being a tekkie is no longer a closed club, however it is still not for everyone. We will try to provide you with all the necessary information, however if you have any questions please feel free to drop me a mail.

You could ask: Why Malta? Because taking technical diving courses here is just convenient:

  • Easy to reach location
  • AirMalta offers good baggage packages for dive equipment
  • All year round diving season
  • Coldest water temperature is 14 C
  • Wrecks all over around the islands in depth from 6m to 100m+
  • Shore and boat dives – therefore somewhere is always less exposed to bad weather

Have a good look around before you choose where do you want to take technical diving courses.

Looking forward to hear from you!

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 Check which options do you have. We will give you all help you need to succeed, however it is important to understand that you pay for the course, not for certification. That you shall achieve.

Could fill up the whole page with them, so these are just the main wrecks...

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Welcome fellow diver, and thank you for your interest. I guess you are here because you would like to become technical diver (or you already are one) . There are many places to go and hundreds of organisations and instructors to choose from. My philosophy is that it doesn’t really matter whether you take PADI, TDI, RAID, IANTD, or any other organisation’s course as long as you have a good instructor.  Therefore, I will put the maximum effort, to make you as good diver as you can be.  What I expect from you, is simply that you have an open mindset and are ready to learn.  Picking a place and dive centre is not easy when taking technical diving courses, but I am looking forward to meet you if choose our services. Browse through this website for more information and feel free to message with any question about technical diving courses in Malta. Hope to hear from you soon!

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How hard is it to say NO

How hard is it to say NO

Did you really Earn your certification?

We hear this a lot. Working for 14 years in the diving industry, first in recreational then in technical diving I have met many great, and unfortunately, not so great divers. Having high quality diving courses available is our responsibility, the instructors and students as well.

How was your course?

Asking fellow dive instructors, and be honest: Have you ever certified someone, who was not quite there yet? Who was kind of OK, but if you would have more time, less pressure to finish the course, you would definitely have suggested extra dives? And You, students, have you ever felt that your certification was given, but you weren’t quite confident with your skills and knowledge?

Diving with a PFO – Discovery to closure

Diving with a PFO – Discovery to closure

Can you dive with a PFO?

This article is about  my actual case of discovering that I was diving with PFO and finally having it closed. I have met some other cases as well in the last years. PFO (Patent Foramen Ovale) is very real, and yes, many people have it.

What is a PFO?

The PFO is an opening in the heart which makes it possible to actually be alive. Before birth, since the foetus doesn’t use the lungs (obviously), this opening ensures that the blood can flow through all organs supplying the necessary oxygen. After being born, the pressure increase due to blood circulation causes this “flap” to close. However, in about 25% of cases, this does not happen properly.


What does it cause?

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Sidemount diving – is it the best style?

New fashion or the best way to dive? Sidemount diving popularity is growing fast. People who try it are saying…